Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Routine Rightist Chatter

Unfortunately … too many people have been taught to look to others to provide for their economic needs rather than to themselves to solve these sorts of problems.” This is standard rightist chatter.

Dear Mr. Donovan: Your note pretends to be an academic discussion, But actually all you-re doing is repeating standard propaganda slogans of the establishment. You claim that capital  formation is impeded by excess government costs “soaked up by higher healthcare costs, higher taxes, higher costs of financing, higher energy costs, and an ever more bloated federal bureaucracy."

How come you didn’t call for closing the 800 military bases the US has all over the planet? I think that would make for large savings.

If you're worried about “higher healthcare costs”, why not take over the Canadian health care system lock stock and barrel? Canadians get better  health care than Americans and pay a lot less for it because Canada has a socialized health care system, like France, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong, etc.

I once asked a Canadian immigrant to the US “Tell me, haven’t you heard a lot of complaints about Canadian health care being deficient?” His reply: “Yes. I’ve heard many complaints about the Canadian health care system, but most of the complaints were made by Americans here who have never been to Canada.”

That shows you how US public opinion is controlled by the propaganda exuded by raving zealots who by hook or by crook want to keep the traditional squalid American health care setup, so we can keep on getting f**ked over by private insurance companies and privately-run hospitals and drug manufacturers.

“Higher costs of financing”, indeed! That remark really gives you away as a doctrinaire bigot who knows nothing of economics. It so happens that currently interest rates are the lowest they've been in many years, so low that this is a splendid opportunity for the government to borrow a couple of gazillion bucks [which are lying around useless because the private sector is in a slump for lack of demand and refuses to invest] to restore the decaying infrastructure, thus giving employment to millions and creating wealth for the future and boosting demand. 

But for you right-wing true believers, facts mean nothing.

Want to reduce incarceration costs? Legalize pot! 

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