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Would Lincoln Be a Republican today?
Matthews Questions the Party of Lincoln
By Don  |  April 10, 2010
MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews trashes the GOP and questions whether or not Lincoln would be a Republican today.

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That’s a good question, and it so happens that by sheer coincidence, I know just barely enough about US history to answer that question without a moment’s hesitation.

And the answer is “HELL NO! If Lincoln were alive today he wouldn’t touch the GOP with a ten-foot barge pole!”

And now I’ll tell you why I think that:
Now I’m telling you up front that I’m pretty hazy about 19th-century US history. But it so happens that a few weeks ago I chanced to read something about Lincoln’s monetary policy. And I discovered that Lincoln struggled throughout his presidency with the greedy US banksters of his day. And he played a particularly nasty trick on those worthies.

And for this trick may Lincoln’s name live in glory forevermore!

He told the banksters that the federal government no longer needed their assistance in managing the US currency. (As you can well imagine, that “assistance” was not coming cheap!). And he proceeded to issue a new currency (which was still called the dollar, just like before) which the federal government would issue in its own name and not in the name of any bank, as had occurred until then. And this new sort of dollar bill was called the “greenback”. And none of the banks ever made a single penny on shuffling that paper money around.


Flash forward to 2008. The president of the US is great buddies with all the banksters. He continually does favors for them. For example, when after a decade of reckless speculation by the banksters suddenly the banksters found they had lost their respective shirts, the President, loyal friend that he is, told them not to worry, he’d fix that problem. And he cheerfully collected close to a TRILLION DOLLARS from you, and from me, and from Ms Gómez down the road, and from lots of other people, and he gave away all our money to the reckless banksters! (with the selfless support of most Republican and most Democratic senators and congressmen, by the way).
I don’t know much about Lincoln, but that little anecdote warmed the cockles of my heart. And now you know why Lincoln, if he were alive today, WOULDN’T TOUCH THE GOP WITH A TEN-FOOT BARGE POLE!”

Because Lincoln was no crook.

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