Thursday, March 21, 2013

De Souza the Loser

The time I really noticed what an colossal ignoramus Dinesh de Souza is was when I read  an article in National Review about health care policy written by that turkey a few years ago. At one juncture he mentioned the so-called “uninsurable” people, i.e. those who were unable to obtain health insurance policies from a commercial insurance company because they were judged a bad risk.

It gives you an idea of the reverence de Souza must feels for parasitical insurance executives  when he unquestioningly assumed that anyone whom an insurance company called “uninsurable"  must be truly at death’s door and would normally be unable to breathe or walk without the assistance of mechanical contraptions. 

It also shows that he knows practically nothing about health insurance.  I have known for many years, and I know many people who are likewise well informed, that the American insurance industry calls  EVERYONE  “uninsurable” who has ever had liver disease or cancer of any kind, in addition to other  grounds for exclusion.  In other words there are really healthy, sound, sturdy people who will outlive both you and me, and are classified as “uninsurable”. I was one of them for a while.

From this little anecdote I likewise deduce that de Souza‘s secretary or broker takes care of all his insurance matters. I presume his time is much too valuable to be taken up with such routine matters, when he has the duty to inform his loyal readers of the true state of affairs in the health care industry. .

So he obviously makes pots of money from all this pimping and lying he does for the extractive classes. And he's an ignorant bastard, too,  mostly because he's uninterested in facts, like Ronald Reagan. He does not really need any facts anyway to do his work. He just makes things up as he goes along, I suppose.

Most of those years I was uninsurable I was insured by the state, paying a pretty hefty fee of $300 a month in premiums and a big chunk of medicines as well. Well, every single year the State of Maryland made a profit on my health insurance. I incessantly paid more in premia and whatnot than the cost of the attention I received.

My main hobby at the time was karate. I'd train twice a week. Nonetheless my health  was uninsurable. I should really look into how the parasitical insurance industry gets away with all this shit. 

I expressly came to this Conservatism web site to check whether conservatives know anything I don't. And the preliminary answer to the  question appears to be “No”. I had already read more than half of the conservative authors recommended here, and had previously rejected them as unreliable, not for ideological reasons, but because of internal contradictions, inconsistency of their claims with information I received  from academic sources, etc The books that were recommenced here are on the whole of low quality, containing numerous inaccuracies of fact and of estimation. It is easy to detect the errors, because none of the writers recommended except perhaps Milton Friedman is or was a specialist in the field they were writing about, so it's easy to access really reliable sources that you can use for comparison. And pretty soon the incontrovertible fact emerges that  these people are just hacks, penny a liners, propagandists with no respect for the truth.

By the way, I  am equally unsentimental with dunces and bullshit artists on the left of the political spectrum. However I concede that I focus on the right, so many things on the left may escape me. 

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