Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Parliamentary ethics are a sham

Like their colleagues in the Senate, members of the House are instructed not to make solicitations "which may create the appearance that, because of a campaign contribution, a contributor will receive or is entitled to either special treatment or special access," according to the 2008 guidelines.

"House Members, too, should be aware of the appearance of impropriety that could arise from championing the causes of contributors and take care not to show favoritism to them over other constituents," according to an FAQ section. Members of the House and staffers are told they should "always exercise caution to avoid even the appearance that solicitations of campaign contributions are connected in any way with an action taken or to be taken in their official capacity." 

Read this in conjunction with Larry Bartels’ Unequal Democracy, where he proves that US politicians consistently ignore the views of the poor and just as consistently act in favor of their political contributors. 

The very headline points the way to the loophole:

Timing is key in investigations of donations from financial interests” 

Just time your donation right. 

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