Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What do the Koran and the U.S. Constitution Have in Common?

¨ They both provide practical political instruction to large groups of fairly ignorant and feckless people, mainly in the form of establishing certain default expectations that are very powerful because they mold perception and experience, and provide practical labels that people use as a guide to reality.
¨ They are both regarded by their numerous devotees with the greatest awe as incomparable and unique, and their principal traits become ritualized and assume mythical proportions.
¨ Neither of them can be changed, although they adduce different pretexts for this peculiar common trait.
¨ They are both sacred relics from the time of our blessed ancestors who wrought no sin.
¨ Accordingly they are both completely outdated and should be discarded at the earliest opportunity in favor of something with more sex appeal.
¨ I mean, sheesh!
Rabbi Tech U. Pantzov provides  practical answers  for the despairing 

masses who must endure the anguish of contemporary  existence!

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